Perspectives for Aeronautical Research in Europe (PARE) – HORIZON 2020


The project “Perspectives for Aeronautical Research in Europe (PARE)” – HORIZON 2020: October 2017 – September 2020, in which UPB is a partner.

To evaluate progress towards each of the 23 ACARE Flightpath 2050 goals and, if gaps are identified, suggest ways to close them.

  • Complementary objectives:
    • Pays particular attention to the issues of efficiency, economy and the environment of long-range air transport;
    • Identifying emerging technologies, including those developed so far outside the aeronautical sector, that can contribute to aviation’s progress;
    • Assess global competitive aviation status, focusing on areas of mutually beneficial cooperation between the EU and other regions;
    • Find ways to increase women’s participation in aeronautics by analyzing relevant lifelong and career influences;
    • It proposes ways to attract talented young people in the aeronautics sector through active broadcasting and active participation initiatives.


    • Start of the project: 1 October 2017
    • Completing the PARE report for the first year: 1 August 2018
    • Revised PARE report of the second year, including Recommendations and interactions with the other 6 CSA: 1 August 2019
    • Final Report of the PARE Year, which includes studies “What’s Happening?” And the methodology for continuing the anticipated reports in the future: 1 August 2020
    • Study examples “What if”:
    • What happens if Chinese aircraft are successful in obtaining international certification?
    • Prospects for the new Boeing MMA (Middle of the Aircraft Market) and the Airbus response
    • All products provided contribute to the three annual reports.

Dissemination Materials

As part of the dissemination activities of PARE, there were developed articles related to each chapter of the PARE’s yearly report, summarizing key issues, findings, conclusions and recommended actions. Articles of chapters 2 to 6 are dedicated to ACARE goals and were compiled to create a dedicated brochure.

A brochure of the 68 PARE recommendations for aeronautics research in Horizon Europe was also prepared.
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Project Manager UPB, Prof. dr. ing. Sorin Eugen ZAHARIA

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