UNESCO Department

UNESCO Chair “Engineering for Society” within “Politehnica” University  was founded in 2018, having as main objective the contribution through study and research programs to green energy, smart transport, the low impact of air transport on the environment, transport digitalisation in order to address the UNESCO mission to offer education for sustainable development.

The objectives of the Department are in line with the objectives of the UNESCO Strategy 2014-2021:

  1. Developing education systems to promote quality lifelong learning opportunities for all
  2. Training students as active and responsible citizens globally
  3. Promoting the interface between science, politics and society as well as promoting ethical and inclusive policies for sustainable development
  4. Strengthen international scientific cooperation for peace, sustainability and social inclusion
  5. Supporting inclusive social development, promoting intercultural dialogue and bringing cultures closer together.

Through the study programs on innovation, intelligent and ecological energy, the UNESCO Chair is working to ensure the learning outcomes: skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to meet this challenge. Furthermore, our department offers students and graduates the possibility to continually learn and update their skills in order to stay relevant using new technology for teaching and learning as for example e-learning and mobile learning. Our department is preoccupied to improve the capacity building in order to meet the new learning needs by designing new study programmes with new learning outcomes, by means of teaching delivery and a wide cooperation with society.

The Department is currently organizing the following international interdisciplinary master's programs:


Green, Smart and Integrated Transport and Logistics

Green, Smart and Integrated Transport and Logistics (GSITL), taught in English, equips you with: a holistic understanding of different technology options and methods; cross-disciplinary abilities for environment, IT, project management and transport systems; the main necessary competences to develop, analyze and manage innovative and advanced sustainable systems for transport and logistics. The knowledge acquired during this master programme in transport solutions, software technology, financial management, operations management, planning and optimization is providing students with the necessary competences for development of sustainable transportation and, consequently, the qualified graduates will ensure transport system going forward.

The study program will be carried out in partnership with foreign universities, in line with UNESCO's mission to provide international education for sustainable development.

The learning outcomes of this master programme are:

-        Knowledge for sustainable international business.

-        Transport systems management.

-        Deep knowledge of green, smart and integrated transport solutions.

-        Skills for software development, data processing, planning methods, research, techniques and operations management.

-        Application of research techniques, planning, application of technology management and leadership, manage life and career specific for sustainable transports.


Information Technologies Applied in Aviation


 Information Technologies Applied in Aviation (ITAA), taught in English, strongly focuses on digitalization of air transport and equips you with cross-disciplinary knowledge and abilities in aviation and ICT, with a holistic understanding of ICT options and methods applied in aviation.

First-hand experience of different European planning and practices on ITC applied in aviation is delivered by an international interdisciplinary group of professors and lecturers: University of Zagreb (Croatia), Ecole de Mines d’Albi (France), University of Strasbourg (France), University of Lisbon (Portugal), University of Zilina (Slovakia).

ITAA is a result of the European project Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Ingineria și managementul orașelor inteligente


Ingineria și managementul orașelor inteligente (Smart Cities), taught in Romanian, starting with the academic year 2021-2022, guarantees students a strong multidisciplinary training and learning outcomes required by employers in the field. The master programme provides you with knowledge and abilities that allow to develop activities for planning, implementation and coordination of the operation of engineering and management components related to smart cities.

This study programme can be useful for IT&C specialists, for those who ensure the governance of a Smart City, that have to make informed decisions on the development of new smart technological systems and for specialists working in the fields of research and design of infrastructure of modern cities.


The activity of the Department in images 2018-2020

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