The Project “Knowledge Alliance in Air Transport (KAAT)” – ERASMUS + project: January 2019 – December 2020, where UPB is the coordinator.

The partnership consists in 16 organizations from 6 countries and covers all categories of air transport: regulation, maintenance, handling, airports, ATC, airlines and 11 associate partners from 5 countries.


  • Ensure a high-quality workforce by improving the level of learning outcomes, especially with regard to their relevance to the labor market
  • Promoting innovation, new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, and facilitating the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge.
  • Improve transparency and recognition tools for higher education and VET to ensure a coherent and flexible career path through transnational cooperation.
  • Improving the international dimension of education and training through cooperation between EU institutions, higher education institutions, education and training providers, employers, ICAO and EASA international regulatory and other stakeholders.
  • Establishment of an improved and systematic dialogue between education and business through the creation of a European aviation training and education network with the participation of stakeholders in education and industry – ENATE.


  • Analysis of Air Transport Occupational
  • Analysis of Air Transport Qualifications
  • Designing and implementing a new innovatory study program “IT Applied in Aviation”
  • Mobility in Teacher Education
  • Improving university curricula and adult training courses (revised curriculum for 7 existing study programs, revised curriculum for 3 existing courses, implemented a dual learning program, a revised international master, a revised international training implemented).
  • Elaboration of Sectoral Qualification Framework Methodology (SQF) and Recognition of Early Learning and Work Experience in Aviation
  • Creation of a European network for training and education in the field of aviation (ENATE)

Project Manager UPB, Prof. dr. ing. Sorin Eugen ZAHARIA

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